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Apple can keep its 30% share of in-app eBook sales.

ComputerWorld says a U.S. Federal Judge has upheld Apple’s restrictive 30% share of in-app e-book sales after the anti-trust guilty verdict has seen other controls move into place for the iPad maker.


Publishers still raking it in. The sky has not fallen.

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PaidContent says that eBook sales account for 11.3% of publisher Hachette’s worldwide revenue and 20% of Random House’s.

Remember when these “traditional” publishing houses were talking doom and gloom if the eBook Revolution caught on? It would be the end of publishing… Yeah, right.


Nook Simple Touch gets upgrade.

Liliputing reports that Barnes and Noble’s inexpensive Nook Simple Touch E-Ink eBook Reader will soon receive an update that will include web browser and email client.


Full color Kindle coming?

Watch for a color Kindle eReader on the horizon. CNET says Amazon has purchased Liquavista (formerly owned by Samsung), a company that developed low power electrowetting displays.

Check out the link for the full story and video.


eBooks and “books” to coexist in new marketplace.

Publishers Weekly says the publishing industry has room for more than eBooks suggesting “paper” books will be around for a long time to come.

Before we crack open any champagne, remember the illegal price-fixing and market manipulation pulled by Apple and the big six publishing co-conspirators designed to slow down the adoption of the popular digital format. (See Department of Justice sues Apple and…)

Thanks to them, we’ll never know what the eBook market would have been since what we “are” seeing is a direct result of their tampering.


Pressure on Kobo and Sony to Compete.

GoodeReader has a story on how the competition is getting tough for eBook retailers Kobo and Sony in light of Amazon’s planned acquisition of GoodReads.


CBC reports Social Reading will add to eBook experience.

The CBC reports that the book club has come of age, or been digitized, with “Social Reading” rumored to be the next phase in eBook reading.


Doctorow’s problem-versus-fact scenario.

Author and Indie-publishing expert Cory Doctorow had some interesting things to say about eBook Piracy in this GoodeReader post.


Apple doubles iPad Mini display orders.

According to InformationWeek Apple is doubling its order for the new iPad Mini displays, citing stronger than anticipated demand for the popular device. With display orders rising from 6 to 12-million, it is anyone’s guess how adopters are employing the device in a market already dominated by the mini’s larger cousin, the iPad.

The new 7.85-inch display machine has found a niche of its own–I’ll bet it’s reading a lot of eBooks!


European Commission and Apple reach a settlement.

For anyone wondering why there might be some hesitation by the mainstream regarding the wholesale adoption of the eBook, here is the Guardian story about Apple and publishers reaching a settlement with the European Commission regarding illegal price-fixing and collusion.

Apple and bandit gang were recently nailed for the same offense by the U.S. Department of Justice. This dirty dealing undermines consumer confidence in an industry that wants to explode around the globe.

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