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Barnes and Noble has Street Cred to Bring to eBooks

Seeking Alpha talks about ways that retail book seller (and dominant bricks and mortar entity) Barnes and Noble can exploit its expertise and publishing’s Amazon-antipathy to push deeper into the eBook Revolution and carve out a bigger market share.


Amazon tightens control on Indie authors at GoodReads

The Verge writes about changes to GoodReads that tip the “level playing field” farther away from Indie authors. And it looks like a cash-grab by GoodReads-owner Amazon. The Wannabe online eBook monopoly is trying to wring a few more bucks out of struggling authors by making them pay into a “tiered” advertising system.

So much for democratized publishing.


2MB Amazon Kindle Lite beta App designed for reading over slow networks

Android Police writes about the 2MB Amazon Kindle Lite beta App designed for reading eBooks over slow 2G networks.


Ten Years of Kindle eBook Readers

TechCrunch writes about Amazon Kindle’s history to celebrate the eBook Reader’s 10th Anniversary.


Best Kindle Cases and Covers

TechRadar lists the top Kindle cases and covers to protect your Amazon eReading.


Amazon Kindle Oasis 2017 Reviewed

The Evening Standard reviews the Amazon Kindle Oasis 2017 and finds its strong showing is undermined by its high ($300 USD) price. (Move over Kindle, the unstoppable and affordable B&N Nook $119.99 GlowLight 3 is ready for the spotlight.)

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