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Samsung and Barnes & Noble’s new $139.00 Galaxy Tab A NOOK

Android and Me posted on the launch of Samsung and Barnes & Noble’s new $139.00 Galaxy Tab A NOOK.


Barnes & Noble to allow some Indie “books” space on bricks and mortar shelves

The Columbus Dispatch writes about Barnes and Noble’s tentative steps to allow some Indie authors to sell actual “books” in its bricks and mortar stores.

Is it possible that Barnes and Noble is figuring this out?


9 Best eReaders 2016

PCAdvisor offers a comprehensive list of the 9 Best eReaders that money can buy in the UK.


Apple iBooks shows signs of life with Instagram Account

GoodeReader reports iBooks starting an Instagram Account to draw more attention to the Apple iBookstore.

Could it be that Apple has finally realized the lull in the eBook marketplace represents an opportunity for anyone interested in taking a piece of Amazon’s action? (The former publishing democratizer is suffering from a bad case of Kindle Unlimited Bloat.)


Indie authors continue to win the long game

Fortune reports that the major U.S. publishers are winning the war against their own eBooks, driving the sales of their titles down with inflated prices for two consecutive years now.

Their mad push for the poorhouse has a silver lining that features continued growth in eBook sales by Indie authors and publishers whose affordable titles continue to expand the market.


Calibre 2.62 update available

Softpedia announces another update to Calibre 2.62 eBook Management software that features support for the new Kindle Oasis and EPUB 3 Metadata.


Barnes and Noble to offer Indie publishing option

Digital Book World reports Barnes and Noble getting into the Indie publishing business.

The rules are a little restrictive but they’re offering bricks and mortar shelf space as part of the deal.


Five leading eBook readers

Digital Trends highlights five best eBook readers for the uninitiated or for readers interested in upgrading.

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