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Calibre 2.66 now supports PocketBook Touch HD

Softpedia reports on the release of Calibre 2.66 eBook Converter and Viewer that now supports PocketBook Touch HD.


E Ink display on face and band of Sony’s new watch

Tech Crunch posted that Sony’s new smartwatch has an E Ink display on the watch and band. While it may not be for eReading, the news sure underlines E Ink’s remarkable versatility.


Penguin Random House hungry for eBook money

Digital Book World reports on a subway eBook promotion sponsored by Penguin Random House and New York City.

Could it be that Penguin is pining for the juicy eBook profits it lost because of its failed price-fixing conspiracy with Apple, and the overpriced eBook catalog that’s offered now?


Samsung and Barnes & Noble’s new $139.00 Galaxy Tab A NOOK

Android and Me posted on the launch of Samsung and Barnes & Noble’s new $139.00 Galaxy Tab A NOOK.


Barnes & Noble to allow some Indie “books” space on bricks and mortar shelves

The Columbus Dispatch writes about Barnes and Noble’s tentative steps to allow some Indie authors to sell actual “books” in its bricks and mortar stores.

Is it possible that Barnes and Noble is figuring this out?

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