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eReader Sales Continue to Rise in 2017

GoodeReader says eReaders (in all their E Inky Glory) are showing signs of a comeback in 2017. Signs point to Amazon waking out of its complacency after seeing its Kindle challenged by international eReading competitors Kobo Aura, Onyx and others.


Indie Authors Interested in Blockchain Security

The Observer says that Blockchain technology may be a good fit for Indie authors and eBook publishing in a digital content marketplace undermined by piracy and illegal file sharing.


Dungeons & Dragons goes Digital

Popular Mechanics reports on Wizards of the Coast’s creation of the D&D Reader app and digital marketplace for Dungeons & Dragons accessories. D&D Reader will be available for iOS and Android this fall


Reading eBooks versus Paper books

PhysOrg compares reading paper books to reading eBooks on screens and offers some interesting initial results. (Though drawing more meaningful conclusions will require time and a lot more research into the new eBook technology.)


B&N Nook and eBook sales continue to rise

GoodeReader reports that Barnes and Noble Nook and eBook sales continue to rise.


Smart Indies avoid Kindle Unlimited to support eBook competition

A GoodeReader story suggests Amazon is pushing its own imprint titles over legacy and Indie publishers. Surprised? That’s what wannabe monopolies do.

All we can do is breathe a sigh of relief that some independent writers and publishers refused the Kindle Unlimited Kool-Aid to support other eBook sales platforms and encourage a free, competitive marketplace.

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