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Digital publishing update

Engadget reports that the transition is underway for Kobo to take over Sony’s eBook business.

PCMag says U.S. Navy sailors will receive free Navy eReader Devices, the fruits of a partnership between Findaway World and the Navy General Library Program (NGLP).

Digital Book World has a story that suggests Amazon is getting hostile with Hachette Book Group.

GoodeReader posted that Open Road Media has launched a Spanish language eBook imprint.


Entitle eBook Subscription Service offers E Ink Reading

TechCrunch reports that Entitle eBook Subscription Service now offers multi-platform support that allows customers to download and read their titles on the E Ink device of their choosing, e.g. Kobo eReader, Nook or Sony device.

Up until now, the other subscription services like Oyster and Scribd have been available with Apps for iOS and Android tablets .


Data on eReaders required

Digital Book World reports on the scarcity of information on readers in the eBook Revolution.


Digital Publishing Headlines

Lifehacker tells you how to consolidate all of your eBooks on one eReader.

Digital Book World  says Verso Books has launched an eCommerce site that will promote eBook bundling.

Publishers Weekly reports on Apple and Publishers fighting a follow-up anti-trust suit.

Marketplace is encouraging people to announce the amount of their Amazon Kindle settlements online.


Common ground for Indie and traditional publishing?

Digital Book World looks for common ground between Indie and traditional publishing in this post.


Digital Publishing Headlines

EContent offers the State of eBooks, the year in review.

The Los Angeles Times says a private investment management firm has made an acquisition offer to beleaguered book-seller Barnes and Noble.

Get a complete list of last week’s digital best-sellers at Digital Book World.

And Digital Book World also offers a post on how Kobo’s international publishing strategy is paying off.


Digital Publishing Headlines

CNNMoney talks about eBook subscription services.

Digital Book World has a post on sorting out the truth about author earnings and eBook sales success.

Forbes says eBook retailer (and publisher) Amazon is giving the big five publishers a run for the money.

PC Pro offers tips for finding Indie publishing success.


Adobe will support old eBook formats

Goodereader says that Adobe intends to support its old eBook formats after it releases a new version of its DRM encryption.


Digital Publishing Headlines

Gigaom tells us that Sony is leaving the North American eBook business. (Sony customer libraries will be switched to Kobo.) They never seemed to have their hearts in it.

GoodeReader has more on what the Sony/Kobo deal means to readers.

GlobalNews reports that a competition deal signed with publishers should see a 20% drop in eBook prices for Canadians.

GoodeReader also reports that the Readfy eBook subscription service will offer ads. (Not sure how that will fly…)


eBook Revolution Headlines

Forbes suggests there will be more mergers and acquisitions in the publishing world as the marketplace continues to go digital.

Gizmag has posted a review of the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9.

Business Mirror reviews a handful of small tablets.

GoodeReader walks you through reading a magazine on the Kindle Fire HDX 7. Video at the link.

Digital Book World reports on a class action suit filed against Barnes and Noble.

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