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Quartz writes about how some criminals, “authors” and “publishers” have scammed Amazon’s Indie publishing system by providing fake reviews, fake reads and fake statistics. All so that Amazon does not have to just sell you an eBook outright and pay the author a fair royalty.

A proprietary system like Amazon Kindle’s that attempts to control the reader and the author by selling you rights to read an eBook rather than sell it to you deserves to be gamed.


Google will show eBook availability at Local Libraries

The Verge reports that Google will now show you if the eBook you’re looking for is at your local library.


Say goodbye to Cassini with a FREE Saturn eBook!

PhysOrg posted that IOP Publishing is celebrating the end of the Cassini Saturn Mission by releasing FREE downloadable eBook copies of The Ringed Planet by Dr. Joshua Colwell.


HP & Lightning Source Deal Defines Digital Future

Printing Impressions reports on a deal between HP Inc. and Lightning Source LLP that assures “digital” will dominate publishing as the technology expands into distant markets. Legacy and Indie publishers, print-on-demand, and eBooks will define the future.


Read an eBook September 18 & Win a Kobo Aura!

Read an eBook on Read an eBook Day September 18th for a chance to win a Kobo Aura eReader from OverDrive. More information at


New Tech for Battling eBook Pirates

VentureBurn talks about South African startup Custos’ novel scheme for combating eBook Piracy.


B&N Nook and eBook sales continue to rise

GoodeReader reports that Barnes and Noble Nook and eBook sales continue to rise.


Amazon advises publishers to slash eBook prices

The Bookseller posted a plea from Amazon’s publishing chief David Naggar for legacy publishers to slash their eBook prices to promote digital sales and invigorate a lackluster eBook market.

Is Amazon tired of publishers poisoning the once-full literary well with over-priced titles? There’s a good chance the e-retailer is remembering the heady early days of the eBook Revolution.

Or does Amazon regret enticing Indie authors into the exclusive (and unprofitable) Kindle Unlimited corral to tilt the playing field toward legacy publishers who ignored the advantage in favor of propping up the shrinking paper book market?

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