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Is Kobo Aura One Limited Edition with 32 GB Ready for Mainstream?

GoodeReader speculates on the adoptability of the supercharged Kobo Aura One Limited Edition with 32 GB of internal storage. It’s a sweet ride.


Best Kindle Cases and Covers

TechRadar lists the top Kindle cases and covers to protect your Amazon eReading.


World Wide Web Consortium Talks Digital Future

Publishers Weekly reports that World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) members teamed up at a recent Publishing Summit to talk about the present and future of eBooks and their digital relatives.


FREE eBooks Worth the Investment

Miami’s Community Newspapers offer some tips to Indie authors and publishers who are determined to find success by giving away FREE eBook titles to attract readers.


Calibre 3.10 Update available

Neowin writes about the Calibre 3.10 update, an outstanding open source eBook management and creation application.


eBook Sales increase in May

Publishers Weekly reported on a 2.4% increase in eBook sales in May of 2017 for the first time in two years.

The eBook format has a loyal following that is only encouraged as the legacy publishers remember the highly profitable early days of the eBook Revolution and begin dropping their digital prices accordingly. Those publishers left a lot of money on the table when they started overpricing eBook titles to drive readers back to paper.

Well, the money’s still waiting.


eBook Designed for Browser Reading

Co.Design posted on a book that was designed for browser reading. Click the title to check out Poetic Computation: Reader by Taeyoon Choi.

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