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TOR Delays Front-list Titles’ OverDrive Arrival

GoodeReader reports that publisher TOR is delaying it’s Front-list eBooks’ OverDrive Arrival to push readers to purchase the titles.


eReader Lovers Remain Convinced

William Wren’s contribution to The Globe and Mail spells it out for people who keep predicting the end of eBooks in his article Why do so many people turn their noses up at eReaders?

Not everyone’s going to like them, but an awful lot of us just LOVE eReaders and are planning for LONG and HAPPY lives with them.


Just $99 for Kobo Aura Edition 2 eReader

GREAT savings for Canadians with the $99 Kobo Aura Edition 2 eReader (regular $129.99). Get it here.

US customers will miss out until the Kobo/Rakuten-Walmart Alliance lands this summer and puts the popular Kobo eReaders and eBooks in American Walmart bricks and mortar stores and online.


Rakuten Kobo Clara HD eReader Review

PCWorld reviews the affordable new Rakuten Kobo Clara HD eReader and considers it superior in almost every way to Kindle Paperwhite.


Apple Streamlining New “Books” App for eBook Resurgence

Mashable gives us some history on Apple iBooks and unpacks the much-touted and newly upgraded Apple Books app. Sounds like it will compete with Amazon after a few tweaks.


Publisher Manipulation Failed to Sell Paper Books and Slowed eBook Sales

A Phys Org post reports that research in INFORMS journal Management Science indicates that publishers who tried to manipulate readers into buying paper books over eBooks, only managed to drive their eBooks sales down.

The readers weren’t having it.


Microsoft eBook Gift Card Offer

Windows Central posted that purchase of a $5.00 Microsoft eBook will get you a $5.00 Microsoft Gift Card.


Harlan Ellison Dead at 84

Variety posted on the death of Harlan Ellison at 84Sci-Fi Writer of ‘Star Trek’ and ‘A Boy and His Dog.’


Public Library eBook & Audiobook Use Goes Viral with Libby App

Libby, the award-winning eBook, audiobook, and magazine app from Rakuten OverDrive, is growing in use by over 30% each month and now serves millions of readers from our nation’s libraries. More information at the link.

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