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Indie Author Market Share Increases

GeekWire shines a light on the scam that traditional publishers continue to force on eBook consumers. Unfortunately, for them, they’ve only managed to manipulate their own digital decline.

The Indie author share of the eBook market continues to grow.


Word Trademarked in Effort to Scam Publishing Industry

Vox fills us in on Cockygate. Or how to trademark a word to scam an industry and become the world’s most hated author in the process.


The Kobo Clara HD eReader Coming Soon

Liliputing talks about the impending release of the Kobo Clara HD eReader as part of the coming lead-up to the Kobo/Rakuten/Walmart alliance that is bound to set the eBook Revolution on its ear.

Watch for the Kobo Clara HD eReader in late May or June.


Charles Darwin’s Favorite Book (Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne) Soon Available Online

The Guardian reports that the fourth most-published book in the English language, Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne (1789) by Rev Gilbert White, is about to be made available online.


Legacy Publisher Scam eBook Readers

In a Bookseller article I missed (shame on me), Amy Durant shines some light on the scam being perpetrated by the legacy publishers on the reading public. By inflating eBook prices and fudging the data they’re reporting a drop in eBook sales when in fact, only legacy publisher eBooks are failing to sell.

The Indie authors and publishers continue to grab up market share.


Indie Publish = Yes ~ Exclusive Amazon = NO

AuthorLink Writers & Readers Magazine lists the pros and cons of being an Indie author and/or publisher while pointing out the pitfalls of going exclusive with Amazon.


First Persian eReader “Fidibo” Now Available

GoodeReader reports on Iranian company Fidibo’s launch of its Persian-optimized eBook reader with integrated eBookstore. The first of its kind Fidibo Hannah F1 is now available.


eBook Readers Beat Tablets for Reading

TechLector argues the case that eBook Readers beat tablets for reading. They’re easier on the eyes.

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