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November 2020 eBook Sales Up 5.1%

GoodeReader reports that November 2020 eBook Sales rose 5.1%.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have a safe and healthy 2021. Wishing you all the best! eBook Rumors

The Complete Kobo eReader

GoodeReader details the many benefits of using Kobo eReaders. They’re an excellent alternative to Amazon Kindle Readers.

Google Releases Enhanced Text-to-Speech Audiobook Samples

GoodeReader reports that Google has released some proof-of-concept audiobooks created using their A.I.-enhanced Text-to-Speech technology. (Links to the free public-domain books are available at the post.) Google plans to offer the technology to publishers in 2021.

eBook Readers and eNotes Predictions for 2021

GoodeReader tries to predict the future of eBook Readers and eNotes in 2021.

eBook Readers to Give in 2020 Holiday Season

cnet offers up a list of gift suggestions for your eBook Reading friends this 2020 Holiday Season.

Kobo Clara HD eReader Selling for $99 this Christmas

GoodeReader reports that the Kobo Clara HD eReader will be on sale for $99 until Christmas in the US. That’s an amazing device for an incredible price.

Inexpensive New Amazon Kindle eReader on the Way

GoodeReader reports that Amazon is going to release a new basic (inexpensive) Kindle eReader. Perhaps they’re starting to realize (along with the legacy publishers) that you can’t sell expensive eBook Readers AND eBooks and have sustained mainstream adoption. (Many digital titles are more expensive than their paper counterparts.) Perhaps the market monopolizers will snap out …

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Google’s New Publisher Tool Will Turn eBooks into Audiobooks

AusDroid reports that enhancements to Google’s text-to-speech tool with A.I. capabilities will turn eBooks into Audiobooks when it releases early next year.

Pocketbook Touch Lux 3 Limited Edition eReader Unboxing

GoodeReader unboxes the Pocketbook Touch Lux 3 Limited Edition eBook Reader. Video at the link.