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Grab a Screenshot from your Kindle

SlashGear offers a “how-to” on taking a screenshot on your Kindle eReader.

FTC Still Pushing Amazon Lawsuit

GoodeReader reports on Amazon’s upcoming meeting with the FTC regarding a potential antitrust lawsuit against the online eCommerce Giant.

Amazon Makes Move Against A.I. Books

Publishers Weekly reports that Amazon is taking (lame) aim at “authors” and “publishers” that use AI to create their eBook titles.

Simple Steps to Growing Your Kindle Library

TechRadar walks us through the process of buying eBooks on a Kindle eReader.

Load Non-Amazon eBooks on Your Kindle eReader

The Verge outlines how you can load non-Amazon eBooks on your Kindle eReader.

Some Kindle eReaders are Waterproof and Some Aren’t

Pocket-lint tries to separate the waterproof Kindle eReaders from the leaky ones.


The Last Voyage of the Demeter is credited for the renewed interest in the DRACULA OF THE APES trilogy by G. Wells Taylor as the entertainment industry continues its attempts to resurrect the granddaddy of all vampires. DRACULA OF THE APES Book One: THE URN is Available for FREE at: Amazon, Google Play, Apple Books …

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Streamline Your Kindle eReading

SlashGear offers a ‘how-to’ on removing ads from Amazon Kindle eReaders.

The Best Note-taking Tablets for 2023

Pocket-lint lists the best note-taking tablets for 2023.

Optimizing Side-loaded eBooks on Kindle

Book Riot gives a how-to on getting the most out of side-loaded eBooks on Amazon Kindle eReaders.