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Apple Misleads Regarding Tech Launch

MacRumors issues a report on Apple’s recent press release and rumored tech launches.

New iPad, iPad Mini and iPad Pro Tablets Coming Soon

Cult of Mac reports that Apple fans should prepare for the new iPad, iPad Mini and iPad Pro tablets that are coming soon.

The Best Tablets for 2023

Pocket-lint lists its best tablets for 2023.

Loading Third-party eBooks on Your Mac

Make Use Of gives instructions for loading third-party eBooks into Apple Books on a Mac computer.

Apple Launching AI-narrated Audiobooks

Ars Technica reports on Apple launching AI-narrated audiobooks. GooglePlay is in the process of using text-to-speech software to do the same. But can they make it across the uncanny valley?

Free eBooks for Christmas!

Did Santa finally give you an eBook Reader, or is it time to spoil yourself by building an eLibrary of your own? Here are some web sites with Free eBooks to feed your new eReading device or stock your eBook collection. You’ll find a wide selection of classics, contemporary, and non-fiction titles. Bookmark these pages. …

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How Print and Digital Publishing Impact Environment

The Oxford University Press compares the impact that print and digital publishing have on the environment, and the initial evidence suggests the future is eBook.

Best Tablets for eReading in 2022

ZDNET lists its best five tablets for eReading in 2022. There’s a comprehensive review of contenders at the link.

Leading E Ink Tablets for 2022 Return to School

CNET rates the best E Ink Tablets for back to school in 2022.

Best Five eReaders of 2022

GoodeReader lists its best five eReaders of 2022.