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The Last Voyage of the Demeter is credited for the renewed interest in the DRACULA OF THE APES trilogy by G. Wells Taylor as the entertainment industry continues its attempts to resurrect the granddaddy of all vampires. DRACULA OF THE APES Book One: THE URN is Available for FREE at: Amazon, Google Play, Apple Books …

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New Horror from Indie Author G. Wells Taylor! WELCOME TO THE ZONE BETWEEN THE DOUBLE-HYBRID CRAZY caused total madness on a global scale. Its toxic effects drove the population to extreme acts of violence and destruction that destroyed everything—except the Double-Hybrid. The infection still haunts the ravaged landscape despite a decade passing since survivors first …

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Was the Defeat of Internet Archive a Win for Society and Authors, or just Publishers

The Week tries to explain the political atmosphere surrounding publishers, libraries, and eBook lending in the aftermath of a recent legal defeat of the Internet Archive free online digital library. The concerns of authors and indie publishers are genuine enough, and deserve consideration; however, the historically hostile relationship that big legacy publishers have fostered with …

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OverDrive App Users Moving to Libby App in May

TechCrunch reports that the OverDrive library App for eBooks will close down in May with loyal readers pointed toward the Libby App for future word consumption.

Borrow eBooks with Out-of-state Library Memberships

Book Riot talks about the Best Libraries that offer out-of-state memberships so you can take advantage of expanded title lists for borrowing eBooks and audiobooks.

eBook Lending on the Rise in 2022

Publishers Weekly posted on OverDrive Digital Library’s circulation figures for 2022.

Sesamy Startup Plans to Reopen the Internet

An article at TechCrunch talks about the Acast and Sesamy founders’ plan to “open” the Internet, and give an option to tethered ecosystems.

How Print and Digital Publishing Impact Environment

The Oxford University Press compares the impact that print and digital publishing have on the environment, and the initial evidence suggests the future is eBook.

2021 eBook Sales in US Totaled $17.5-billion

GoodeReader reports that 2021 eBook sales in the US totaled $17.5-billion.

Best eBook Stores that Aren’t Amazon

Alphr lists the best eBook stores to shop if you want to switch things up from Amazon.