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Prediction about the Apple iPad

I know, last year it was all about the Kindle. Now it’s all about the Apple iPad and the Kindle. Keeping this in mind Daniweb’s Ron Miller offers this article “Does iPad Mean Death to Kindle?” A very interesting read. I’m in complete agreement with Mr. Miller’s practical take on what is basically a very …

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Compare Apple iPad and our old friend Kindle

CRAVE the gadget blog from CNETnews offers this cool little chart here comparing Apple iPads and Amazon Kindles as eBook Readers. Nice to see it all laid out there. I have to say, I’m still waiting for Apple to clear the air about the Apple iPad App iBooks. We know it will read EPUB format, …

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An Opinion on the Apple iPad

More reaction to the release of Apple’s self-described ‘game-changer’  iPad. Thanks to our friend Jorgen for this link to an opinion piece by the Telegraph’s Justin Williams entitled: “Why I don’t want an Apple iPad.” (nuff said?) It’s just the hype-hangover talking, yah?

iBooks on the Apple iPad

It stands to reason that we’ll all be inundated with stories and articles about the Apple iPad. As the dust settles, we’re starting to get to the specifics. Ok. We’ve all heard that it’s just a big iPhone, but it does have eBook reading capability and that’s what we were waiting to hear. PCWorld goes …

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Apple iPad- More at

Here is a link to (again, great job covering the launch!) where they get their hands on the Apple iPad and give it their ‘first look.’ Sounds like they are both impressed and disappointed. They’ve got a full video walkthrough too… The eBooks with the ‘flipping’ pages looks very cool, but it’s got to …

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