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eBooks at home in bricks and mortar stores

PaidContent has a story about an entertainment company’s attempt to move eBook sales into bricks and mortar stores. Enthrill plans to unite the old and new by simply using a system that is already well-entrenched in the consumer imagination. That is: book lovers enjoy shopping at book stores… even for eBooks. It will be interesting …

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Are Barnes & Noble and Amazon poised to pillage? has an interesting post about Borders heading into bankruptcy proceedings with both Barnes & Noble and on the sidelines apparently getting their early bids in on the former book giant’s bricks and mortar assets. Such an acquisition might be a tempting addition to Barnes and Noble’s string of locations, but is a step …

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Still a Future for Bookstores?

The Columbus Dispatch offers a story that runs contrary to the grim publishing industry mood that has been predicting the demise of the bookstore. Bookselling giant Borders’ filing for bankruptcy has fueled the rumors of destruction for an industry struggling to adapt to the eBook Revolution. This post says new bookstores continue to open despite …

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Kindle with Notepad has a post on a new addition to the Amazon Kindle’s arsenal of added value. Now you can use it as a notepad. An interesting development that may hint at more multifunction in the days ahead. (Remember the Kindle Tablet rumor? Hmm.)

The best advice for Indie writers: Ignore the advice.

The Globe and Mail offers a story on one of the industries that has sprung up around the advent of first the Internet, and now the eBook Revolution, namely: writer advice websites. It seems that with Indie publishing poised to take over the expanding digital publishing world that writers want to make the best first …

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What does the future hold for books?

Singularity Hub’s Aaron Saenz offers a thought-provoking piece on the future of books. I’m in agreement with most of the post, but do think that ‘reasonable’ prices will do the same job that ‘low’ prices will. We’ll never get rid of eBook Pirates and file sharers, but we don’t have to encourage them with ridiculous …

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Paper Purists versus the Digital Vanguard

A post at in California reports on another front in the eBook Revolution where Book Club members start to show where their true loyalties lie. Passions build on both sides of the digital divide.

Is there any hope for the paper book?

More doom and gloom for traditional publishing over at PCMag in a story called “The End of the Printed Book?” by John C. Dvorak. It must be the Easter holiday…has everyone wanting to pull the plug.

Kobo makes push for European Market

PublishersWeekly says Kobo (eBook retailer, software vendor) will extend its reach into Europe by opening local content stores for German and Spanish customers. The May launch announcement comes to the London Book Fair, with the eBooks and service company hoping to add to its 3-million plus customers who already use Kobo for reading on personal …

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Uphill Battle for eBooks in Public Libraries

Jorgen dropped in with a link to an Information Today Inc. story about the hurdles public libraries face at the dawn of the eBook Revolution. It looks like an uphill battle with restrictions on lending, device compatibility problems, proprietary systems, interface and privacy issues to name a few.