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Digital Publishing Headlines

Check out the new Kobo Aura HD eReader Unboxing video at YouTube. AllaboutSymbian says the Erudite Book Reader brings Amazon Kindlebooks to Symbian. A report from the Wall Street Journal says the number of U.S. Adults reading eBooks topped 50-million in 2012. Forbes says that Simon & Schuster is testing an eBook lending service with …

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The Kobo Arc tablet reviewed.

PC&Tech Authority reviews the Kobo Arc tablet.

Kobo Releasing new ‘Aura’ high definition E Ink eReader

BBC News has a story on Kobo’s new Aura “high definition” E Ink eReader. Video and pictures at the link.

eBooks and “books” to coexist in new marketplace.

Publishers Weekly says the publishing industry has room for more than eBooks suggesting “paper” books will be around for a long time to come. Before we crack open any champagne, remember the illegal price-fixing and market manipulation pulled by Apple and the big six publishing co-conspirators designed to slow down the adoption of the popular …

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eBook Revolution Update

GoodeReader says LinkedIn has purchased Pulse Reader for $90-million. Digital Book World reported that the price of an eBook best seller has dropped to its lowest level yet. CNET says a new Dr. Seuss eBook collection could be yours for $7.99. According to GoodeReader Digi-Key has signed a new distribution deal with E Ink.

B&N re-brands PubIt as NOOK Press

Digital Book World reports on Barnes and Noble re-branding its Indie author platform PubIt! as NOOK Press. Specifics of the new deal at the link.

eBook Revolution Update

This could be a good thing or a bad thing. Digital Book World reports that Amazon will launch a cover creating tool for Indie authors. Internet Retailer says Sony will target young readers with Kids’ Corner site. This is kind of cool.├é┬áCasual Living says a new digital fabric sample book is on the way from …

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eBook prices on the rise…temporarily.

Digital Book World updates us on recent eBook price swings but suggests the increases will only be temporary. More ups and downs are expected as the market matures.

More on Amazon’s acquisition of GoodReads

Insider Monkey offers more on Amazon’s acquisition of GoodReads. Will the eBook giant become unstoppable?

Pressure on Kobo and Sony to Compete.

GoodeReader has a story on how the competition is getting tough for eBook retailers Kobo and Sony in light of Amazon’s planned acquisition of GoodReads.