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Sony Reader Pocket Edition Price Drops to $150!

We knew it would happen soon. Sony has entered the pricing war with Barnes and Noble’s nook and the Kobo eReader pricing their smaller format eBook Reader (the Pocket Edition) to match the low $150 price tag. Additionally, the larger Sony Reader Touch Edition has dropped to $170 from $200 and the 3G Daily Edition Sony Reader …

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Maturity (or Wisdom?) Driving the eBook Revolution

Here’s a Philadelphia Inquirer story where digital publishing industry analysts suggest the majority of eBook Reader owners (up to 66 percent) are older than 40 with a ‘sweet spot’ group of consumers aged 35-54 developing into a powerful market force. A full set of statistics has yet to be produced, but these early predictions make a lot …

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Another ‘Gleeful Apocalypse’

A special thanks to Jorgen for dropping by with this link to a most excellent article by Nathan Schneider at Open Letters Monthly entitled In Defense of Memory Theatre. Read it because it’s a fond farewell to the publishing world that was. Read it because it’s a warm embrace of the publishing world to come. Read it because …

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Book Bloggers’ Stock on the Rise?

The Los Angeles Times’ Carolyn Kellogg reports on those venerable Internet pioneers, book bloggers, finally getting their day in the sun as their ‘vibrant’ online communities start to catch the eye of traditional publishers eager to use the platform for promoting new releases. Read the article here.

eBook Revolution the New Normal?

Rafi Mohammed, Ph.D. of The Huffington Post has declared eBooks the official future of digital publishing. Read his article here to judge for yourself if his reasoning is sound. It’s been a whirlwind year, and the recent developments are very promising, but do  you think it’s too early to declare a win for eBooks? I’m …

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Borders offers $20 gift card with Kobo eReader Purchase

Bloomberg Businessweek posted a story about Borders Group Inc.’s offer of a $20 gift card with the purchase of the Kobo eReader. The device is one of Borders’ Good, Better, Best Selection that includes the Aluratek Libre eBook Reader Pro ($119.99) and two Sony Readers. Kobo eReader’s industry-low $150 price was passed Monday by Barnes and Noble’s economy …

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Rupert Murdoch Makes Some Moves

Thanks again to Jorgen for links to a digital news story that he’s been monitoring. The developments involve Rupert Murdoch making some moves to get a firm toehold in the growing digital newspaper industry and mark a casualty in the eBook Revolution. Click here for a story at TabletPCReview that details Murdoch’s purchase of Skiff, LLC,  and the …

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Low-Priced books Lead in iBookstore sales.

Okay. I know what you’re thinking. “Well, that ain’t news…” Check out the story: “Discounted books rule on iBookstore.” They can spin this around the word “discount” all they want but the real story is that lower-priced eBooks outsell higher priced. It’s not rocket science. Publishers have to stop “discounting” titles and just start …

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Google Edition’s Open Ecosystem

It appears to be a slow news day in the eBook Revolution. That being the case, here’s a link to ZDNet’s story that goes deeper into Google Editions eBook store announcement. They explain what Google Edition’s “open ecosystem” will bring to the eBook market.

eBook Sales Continue to Rise posted on a report from the International Digital Publishing Forum showing a 200% increase in wholesale eBook sales since January. Check out the cool graphs on first quarter growth at IDPF. While it’s an impressive visual display, it’s important to view this rationally. Yes, it looks like eBooks are here to stay, but all growth will seem …

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