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BookFusion to Challenge Existing eBook Reading and Management Apps

GoodeReader reports that BookFusion is an eBook Reading and Management App set to challenge industry leader Calibre.

FlipBuilder Offers New Flip Book Maker Tools

Digital Journal writes about FlipBuilder’s Flip Book Maker offer.

Ingram Content Group Investing in Blockchain Tech to Make eBook Purchases Permanent

Bookseller reports on the Ingram Content Group investing in a company that uses blockchain tech to make eBook purchases your own property.

Kobo Clara 2E eReader Reviewed

Techgoondu reviews the Kobo Clara 2E eReader.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite eReader Reviewed

GoodeReader offers a hands-on review of the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite eReader (16 GB Model). Video at the link.

Amazon Finally Updates eBook Return Policy to Support Authors

The Verge talks about Amazon finally changing its eBook return policy after long ignoring embattled authors’ pleas.

2021 eBook Sales in US Totaled $17.5-billion

GoodeReader reports that 2021 eBook sales in the US totaled $17.5-billion.

FlipHTML5 Digital Publishing Platform Good For Business

A PR Underground press release talks about the FlipHTML5 Digital Publishing Platform’s impact on business.

Entry Level Amazon Kindle Upgraded

Engadget writes about Amazon’s new entry-level Kindle eReader upgrade.

The Battle for eBook Access Continues

FastCompany reports on the ongoing battle by librarians and lawmakers for better and more affordable eBook access.