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New Horror from Indie Author G. Wells Taylor! WELCOME TO THE ZONE BETWEEN THE DOUBLE-HYBRID CRAZY caused total madness on a global scale. Its toxic effects drove the population to extreme acts of violence and destruction that destroyed everything—except the Double-Hybrid. The infection still haunts the ravaged landscape despite a decade passing since survivors first …

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PressReader Offers Trusted News from Around the Globe

GoodeReader puts the focus on the PressReader App that features trusted news from more than 120 countries.

Publisher-Oriented Twitter Rival, Post, Goes Public

TechCrunch writes about the Post, a publisher-oriented Twitter rival, going public.

Legacy Publishers to Declare War on eBook Pirates

According to a GoodeReader post, legacy publishers might be getting ready to declare war on eBook Piracy. (Don’t hold your breath!)

Publishers Move to Crush the Internet Archive

Legacy publishers are fighting it out with the Internet Archive as the court drama intensifies around the true meaning of a citizen’s right to “library access” versus the profit-driven corporate desire to control literature and art .

Ontario Libraries Seek Province-wide System to Ensure Access

According to a CP24 story, libraries in Ontario, Canada, want a province-wide digital library system to ensure equal access to books. (Again, the effects of legacy publishers price-gouging …)

Project Gutenberg Internet and Literary Legacy

Book Riot offers a history lesson on Project Gutenberg, starting at the public domain eBook archive’s humble beginning in 1971.

Calming Modern Readers by Erasing the Terrible Past

An excellent article by Den of Geek addresses the new trend of rewriting the works of dead authors to suit the current political climate. Ian Fleming Publications Ltd., owners of the literary rights to the James Bond books, are currently “sanitizing” the works of author Ian Fleming to address concerns that many references are outdated, …

Continue reading Going All-in for eBook Revolution

Publishers Weekly outlines’s plan to join the eBook Revolution by selling eBooks and publishing its first print title in October. Customers will be able to read eBook purchases on their web browser, or by using an eReading App that is in development.

Link-Less Searches to Transform Online Marketplace

What’s New In Publishing has posted an interesting article on the impact of link-free searches on publishers. (Or more broadly … the impact of ChatGPT and similar AI chatbots on internet searches and commerce as a whole.) The Frankenstein element is growing in the lab right now!