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Kindle Scribe eNote Coming in Late December

GoodeReader reports that the Kindle Scribe eNote’s release is moving from November to late-December.

Lenovo Yoga Paper E Ink Tablet Summary

GoodeReader posted about the Lenovo Yoga Paper E INK tablet.

E INK Tablets are Master Multi-taskers

Android Authority highlights its nominees for the best E INK tablets on the market, and talks up their multitasking talents as eReaders and eNotetakers.

The Onyx Boox Note Air 2 E INK Tablet Reviewed

TechRadar reviews the Onyx Boox Note Air 2 E INK tablet.

Best Tablets for eReading in 2022

ZDNET lists its best five tablets for eReading in 2022. There’s a comprehensive review of contenders at the link.

Onyx Leaf 2 and Nova Air 2 May See International Release

GoodeReader suggests that China-based eBook Device producer Onyx might release its Boox Leaf 2 and Nova Air 2 eReaders internationally.

Amazon Kindle Scribe and ReMarkable 2 Tablets Compared

Pocket-Lint compares the Amazon Kindle Scribe and ReMarkable 2 tablets.

Affordable New Amazon Kindle Out Performs Its Price

Pocket-lint reviews Amazon’s new $119 (US) Kindle eBook Reader.

Onyx Boox Leaf2, Nova5, Note X2, and Tab10 E Ink Devices Launch

GoodeReader reports on Onyx Boox’s launch of its new line of E INK devices. Check out the new Nova5, Note X2, Leaf2, and Tab10, and a detailed breakdown of each at the link.

The Supernote A5 X Tablet Reviewed

ZDNET reviews the Supernote A5 X tablet with E Ink Display.