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Ten Best ePub eBook Readers

BizTechPost lists the Ten Best ePub eBook Readers for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

Apple iPads to Introduce Titanium Bodies

GoodeReader reports that the next generation of Apple iPads may have titanium bodies for greater strength.

Apple Book Sharing With Family

Apple Insider offers how-to instructions for sharing Apple Books with family members.

eReading Options for the Free Market

Explica offers alternatives to the Amazon Kindle for those eBook readers who value free markets and variety.

iPad or eReader for Reading?

iDropNews wonders whether an iPad or eReader is right for you.


CLIMBING THE AMAZON FREE eBOOK BESTSELLER LISTS GET YOUR COPY FOR KINDLE  –  MULTI-FORMAT MURDER IS STILL MURDER IN GREASETOWN  Even if life has become a little complicated. Fifty years ago, at the end of the last Millennium we expected something bad to happen, but we never expected the Change. People stopped aging, the dead …

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eBook Options other than Amazon

InputMag offers up some eBook options if you want to buy into digital reading without going all-in with Amazon Kindle. (We’d add the indie-driven Smashwords retail eBook platform to the list.)

Best eReading Tablets of 2020

GoodeReader looks back at the best eReading tablets of 2020.

eBook Pirate on Trial

TorrentFreak chronicles the ongoing prosecution of an eBook Pirate (a.k.a. digital content thief who is in over his head).

eBooks Are the Perfect Fit

Barron’s knows the perfect match for eReaders and eBooks.