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Readers will pick the Bestsellers in the Digital Age

Many thanks to Jorgen for dropping off a link to an interesting piece at ProspectMagazine called “Do writers need paper?” As I said, it’s interesting and covers a wide selection of topics that are especially of note as all reports show the eBook Revolution growing beyond our wildest dreams. While I feel sorry for the …

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A Full-Color Barnes and Noble Nook?

PCWorld reports that Barnes and Noble has leaked information about a full-color eBook reader (Nook Color ala iPad) that it will launch tomorrow. The rumored tablet comes with a full touch-screen, and projected LED technology. Let’s hope this is going to be offered in addition to the E Ink Nook. Anyone who has tried to …

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Amazon Finally Allows Kindle eBook Lending

Suite101 has the story that a lot of Amazon Kindle users have been waiting to hear. You’ll soon be able to lend your favorite Kindle titles to friends. There are conditions, but the lending feature may be nice value-added to those expensive eBook titles.

eBook Piracy Shifts into High Gear!

Many thanks to Jorgen for dropping by with a link to the and a chilling story by Adrian Hon about the current state of eBook Piracy. (At least in his opinion. I, for one, think the wider public is less comfortable with piracy than Hon speculates.) I do agree, however, that the reasons for …

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eBook Sales Incentives – eBook Bundles

Our friend Jorgen dropped by with a link to a post at that offers some common sense incentives that could make the eBook buying experience more familiar and profitable for the consumer, publisher and eBook Store alike. The idea of bundling and cross-selling titles is nothing new, but it seems some eBook retailers are …

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Amazon Kindle DX Graphite Reviewed offers an extensive review of the new Amazon Kindle DX Graphite. The large-sized wireless eReader comes with free 3G and 9.7″ display. Amazon boasts the latest generation DX’s 3G operates globally which is good because this upgraded machine has to offer a lot of perks to justify the $379 price tag. (Original Kindle hit …

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Sony PRS-650 Touch Edition e-Reader Reviewed

Good e-Reader offers a review and photos of the new Sony PRS 650 Touch edition. And it looks like good news for the device that features a 6 inch E Ink touch screen with 16 levels of gray scale. At $229 it’s at least within the neighborhood of some other high-end but cheaper eReaders on …

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eBook Sales Jump 172% in August!

Publishers Weekly reports on the numbers that are defining the eBook Revolution showing this sea-change shift  away from the traditional market towards explosive growth in digital publishing  sales. It’s something we all know is happening, but it’s exciting to have the statistics.

iPad Plans to Show off Multi-Function this Halloween

USA Today has a post announcing iPad’s plan to release a special edition of DRACULA for Halloween that includes video game features, music and more. It will be interesting to see how this multimedia experience plays out. Definitely, iPad has to justify it’s many fantastic functions and high price. (While it’s bound to be fun, …

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Kindle ‘Singles’ Coming to an Amazon Near You!

I think this is a silly re-branding of an already existing literary form, but there is method in Amazon’s madness. Check out this Pocket-lint post declaring that the short story and novella have now been renamed “Kindle Singles.” On paper, it’s a good idea since short and medium-range stories have traditionally been tough for writers …

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