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Publishers Impressed by new NookColor eReader

Publisher’s Weekly reports that publishers attending the New York launch of Barnes and Noble’s $249 NookColor eBook reader were impressed by the new full-color device. Among its admirers, Susan Katz, president and publisher of HarperCollins Children’s Book Group felt the NookColor would be the perfect vehicle to boost picture book sales.

Agency Pricing Hits Amazon UK Kindle Store

Thanks Jorgen for a link to this story at that describes the agency model ‘invading’ Amazon’s UK branch, despite Amazon’s vow to fight the encroachment. The agency model allows publishers to set their own prices and has already shown an increase in Kindle eBook pricing elsewhere. It’s expected to do the same at Amazon’s …

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Kobo gets into the News Business reports that international eBook distributor Kobo is launching a newspaper and magazine service for eBook Reader and tablet PCs. It looks like a pilot-project offering a few dozen daily, weekly and monthly publications via Kobo’s eBook reading apps, with plans of developing the service in months to come.

Kobo eReader Hits $99 Mark!

I knew this would happen before Christmas! UberGizmo has the story about Borders dropping the price of the Kobo eReader to $99.99 in a lead-up to the holiday season. (The sale is marked with an October 31 closing date, but it’s also rumored to have a Nov. 15 cut-off date. Regardless, I wouldn’t waste any …

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Barnes and Noble Launches “NookColor”

The new generation of B&N’s Nook has been released. The $249 full color “NookColor” tablet eBook Reader is destined to ship Nov. 19. Check out the full story at CNNMoney.

Readers will pick the Bestsellers in the Digital Age

Many thanks to Jorgen for dropping off a link to an interesting piece at ProspectMagazine called “Do writers need paper?” As I said, it’s interesting and covers a wide selection of topics that are especially of note as all reports show the eBook Revolution growing beyond our wildest dreams. While I feel sorry for the …

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A Full-Color Barnes and Noble Nook?

PCWorld reports that Barnes and Noble has leaked information about a full-color eBook reader (Nook Color ala iPad) that it will launch tomorrow. The rumored tablet comes with a full touch-screen, and projected LED technology. Let’s hope this is going to be offered in addition to the E Ink Nook. Anyone who has tried to …

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Amazon Finally Allows Kindle eBook Lending

Suite101 has the story that a lot of Amazon Kindle users have been waiting to hear. You’ll soon be able to lend your favorite Kindle titles to friends. There are conditions, but the lending feature may be nice value-added to those expensive eBook titles.

HP Tablet Hits the Market

Here’s a story about the $800 HP Slate. It looks slick and it’s expensive, but let’s hope the marketplace gives it a better rating than CNN does here.

The Nook is Headed to Walmart for Christmas

Check out this MarketWatch report on Barnes & Noble, Inc.’s announcement that their NOOK eBook Reader will be sold through Walmart’s 2,500 stores, arriving on the shelves as soon as October 24, in time for holiday shopping. With Apple already offering the different versions of iPad at Walmart can Amazon’s Kindle be far behind? Added …

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