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Captain Beachboy and 9-Squad return in The Variant Effect: MADHOUSE 2 – Gas Light by G. Wells Taylor. This sequel to Madhouse 1 – Ziploc City is just $2.99 at eBook stores where The Variant Effect: SKIN EATER novel is still FREE!

The frazzled 9-Squad is ordered to Bezo Headquarters to provide security for the Lazarus team that has been tasked with stopping the Variant Effect outbreak and ending the Metro Ziploc.

Borland and Hyde are suspicious of the change in command but cannot override their orders or abandon the squad to a dubious mission opening derelict research labs underground where Brass is also overseeing a top secret project.

Reports of unusual phenomena lend some truth to the rumors that the HQ basement is haunted, but when the squad investigates all the signs point to something worse than the dead.

Now 9-Squad must decide who they can trust as lethal forces gather, and avenues of escape begin to close. The only way to save their skins and protect the public from annihilation may involve a terrifying descent into darkness. Continue to explore the MADHOUSE with Gas Light, second stage in the final chapters of The Variant Effect Series.

G Wells Taylor titles are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo and Smashwords.


Windows 10 to have eBook store

Engadget reports that Microsoft is considering an eBook store for its notorious Windows 10 OS.


Spanish police arrest eBook pirate

According to a TorrentFreak post, Spanish police arrested an individual for illegally uploading and distributing 11,000 literary works and defrauding publishers of 400K Euros. The bust is a first for Spain with some 400 other sites certain to be in hot water for utilizing the titles.


OverDrive signs 500 new publishers

Digital Book World reports that industry-leading distribution platform for eBooks and audiobooks OverDrive has added 500 new publishers to its Global eBook Catalog.


Apple continues to contest its guilty verdict for price fixing

Fortune says Apple is still contesting the guilty verdict it received (years ago) for its part in an eBook price-fixing conspiracy.


Kobo selling eReaders and eBooks in Mexico

GoodeReader reports that Kobo is now selling eReaders and eBooks in Mexico after striking deals with the nation’s top bricks and mortar bookstores.


Kobo’s $10,000 emerging author prize

The Province reports that Kobo has announced a $10,000 prize for Canadian writers.

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