Deals for Read an eBook Week 2024

Indie author and eBook publishing platform Smashwords writes about its offerings for Read an eBook Week 2024.

Nook Versus Kindle in eBook Race

LifeHacker weighs the Barnes and Noble Nook eBook Reader against the Amazon Kindle eReader.

New Version of the iReader Color 7 eReader Introduced

GoodeReader writes about the new more affordable version of the iReader Color 7 eReader.


The following websites offer a wide selection of Free eBook titles from the classics, to contemporary, and non-fiction. Bookmark these pages! This has become a favorite with thousands of free titles in a wide variety of trouble-free formats. Just what it says.  A huge selection.
Project Gutenberg  Their mission statement: to encourage the creation and distribution of eBooks. Too many titles to count…
G. Wells Taylor has several FREE and/or affordable titles/sequels that are receiving great reviews at Multiple formats available.
Smashwords offers a long list of FREE titles in formats to suit any eBook Reader.

Onyx BOOX Leaf 3C eReader Revealed

Liliputing highlights the E INK Onyx BOOX Leaf 3C eReader.

Boox Palma eBook Reader Reviewed

Life Hacker reviews the Boox Palma eBook Reader.

Focus on Lenovo’s Transparent ThinkBook and ThinkPad Laptops

Gizmodo reports on Lenovo’s transparent ThinkBook and ThinkPad laptops.

Leading Tablets for eReading

ZDNET talks up its picks for best eReading tablets.

Kobo eReaders Compete for Kindle Market

Firstpost puts the focus on Kobo Rakuten’s suite of eBook Readers, and their place as Amazon Kindle competitors.

Onyx Boox Kant 2 eReader Highlighted

NoteBookCheck draws attention to the Onyx Boox Kant 2 compact eReader.