Koji Offers eBook Sales Tool

Tech Crunch talks about the link-in-bio platform Koji launching a new eBook-sales tool.

Kindle Scribe Tablet Reviewed

Book Riot reviews the Kindle Scribe eNote-taking, eBook Reading tablet. (Looks like it can do a fair bit more than that, too!)

Onyx Boox Tab X A4 E-INK eReading eNote-taker

Slash Gear reviews the Onyx Boox Tab X A4 E-INK eReader and eNote-taker. Tons of info on the seriously-sized device at the link.

Calming Modern Readers by Erasing the Terrible Past

An excellent article by Den of Geek addresses the new trend of rewriting the works of dead authors to suit the current political climate. Ian Fleming Publications Ltd., owners of the literary rights to the James Bond books, are currently “sanitizing” the works of author Ian Fleming to address concerns that many references are outdated, offensive, and unpalatable for modern audiences.

So they sooth modern sensitivities by changing a fictional narrative that is representative of a historic time and effectively altering and erasing the past? 1984 anyone? (If they haven’t sanitized that book, yet!)


Kindle Scribe Software Update Opens Doors

Ars Technica describes the upside to the Kindle Scribe eNote/eReader Tablet’s first software update.

NXTPAPER 2.0 Display has New Tablet Covered

Android Authority highlights TCL’s new tablet that features NXTPAPER 2.0 display technology. Great for eBook reading!

The inkNote Color+ Tablet with 10.3-inch Kaleido 3 Color E Ink Display

Notebookcheck.net writes about the inkNote Color+ Android eReading tablet with new industry-leading 10.3-inch Kaleido 3 color E Ink display.

Scribd and Audible Audiobook Services Compared

Book Riot compares the Scribd and Audible audiobook services.

BookShop.org Going All-in for eBook Revolution

Publishers Weekly outlines Bookshop.org’s plan to join the eBook Revolution by selling eBooks and publishing its first print title in October. Customers will be able to read eBook purchases on their web browser, or by using an eReading App that is in development.

Countdown to First Plagiarism Lawsuit Against ChatGPT-Assisted Author

FirstPost reports on the current trend of some “authors” (rumored “talent-free hacks”) usingĀ  ChatGPT software to perform all aspects of writing and publishing eBooks.

It’s our feeling here at eBook Rumors that this flash-in-the pan will end with a monumental plagiarism/copyright-infringement lawsuit when some versionĀ  of this brand-new but entirely “trusted” software gets caught stealing dialogue or description from a previously published “human” work.

(What’s Editing the Editors that are coding the Authors?)

I wouldn’t want to be the ape-descendant with his/her name on that book.