The Lenovo Yoga Paper 10.3-inch E Ink Reading and Writing Tablet

Liliputing reports on Lenovo’s plans to launch a 10.3-inch E INK Yoga Paper tablet for reading and writing.

eBooks Reignite the Reading Experience

A Wired story judges eBooks a gateway back to the love of reading. (In this case, a rekindled passion.)

GoodeReader Bigme Galy Color E INK eNote Available on Kickstarter

GoodeReader announces the arrival of its Bigme Galy color E INK eNote at Kickstarter.

Micropayments Could Increase Publisher Subscriptions

What’s New In Publishing says that the introduction of micropayments could mean more subscriptions for publishers.

Onyx Boox Tab E INK Tablet Reviewed

GoodeReader posted a hands-on review of the Onyx Boox Tab. Video and pics of the E INK tablet at the link

Newsletters Put Human Face on Indie Authors

A BBC News story says digital newsletters can help indie and legacy authors build a readership by humanizing them.

The Kobo Clara 2E eReader is Good for the User and the Environment reviews the Kobo Clara 2E eReader, and calls its environmentally friendly footprint an important step in eBook Reading evolution.

Sesamy Startup Plans to Reopen the Internet

An article at TechCrunch talks about the Acast and Sesamy founders’ plan to “open” the Internet, and give an option to tethered ecosystems.

Amazon Kindle for Kids Reviewed

GoodeReader offers a first peek at the Amazon Kindle for kids. Video at the link.

2022 Amazon Kindle eBook Reader Reviewed

TechRadar reviews the (2022) Amazon Kindle eBook Reader.