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Four days to use Apple eBook Refund at Amazon

The Verge reports that recipients of last year’s Apple cash refund for eBooks have five (now four) days to use their Amazon refunds.


eBook Retailers belong on smart phones

GoodeReader suggests eBook retailers should partner with carriers and smart phone companies to give the marketplace a much-needed boost.


Traditional publishers scammed their readers by overpricing their eBook titles

Talking New Media gives the true story on eBook Sales. They are not dropping at all–at least, not among Indie authors and independent publisher titles.

The “supposed” drop in sales was reported by the traditional (or legacy) publishers that intentionally rigged their game against eBook sales. (Remember: They want to go back to the way things were when THEY decided who lived and died in PRINT publishing. To engineer this they overpriced their own eBook titles to drive readers to purchase similarly or lower-priced print books. It was all a scam.)

These same publishers are all members of the Publishers Association to whom they report their sales figures. And in turn the Publishers Association reports the decline of eBooks while announcing the sudden resurgence in print book sales. See how that works? Scammed again.

In the meantime, Indie authors and publishers (that do not report their sales figures to the Publishers Association) continue to take more of the market share.

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