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eReader Lovers Remain Convinced

William Wren’s contribution to The Globe and Mail spells it out for people who keep predicting the end of eBooks in his article Why do so many people turn their noses up at eReaders?

Not everyone’s going to like them, but an awful lot of us just LOVE eReaders and are planning for LONG and HAPPY lives with them.


Publisher Manipulation Failed to Sell Paper Books and Slowed eBook Sales

A Phys Org post reports that research in INFORMS journal Management Science indicates that publishers who tried to manipulate readers into buying paper books over eBooks, only managed to drive their eBooks sales down.

The readers weren’t having it.


Turn your Indie Titles into Audiobooks

FangirlNation offers a post for indie authors who want to produce their own audiobooks.


New Apple Book App Brings Enhanced Reading and eBook Discovery

Publishers Weekly writes about Apple’s new “Book” App due this fall that will headline a renewed emphasis on eBook and audiobook sales.

Apple says that the “Book” app will deliver an enhanced reading experience with a focus on easier book discovery.

Watch for increased eBook action this fall as Apple and the Kobo/Rakuten-Walmart Alliance bring the heat to Amazon’s uneven eBook playing field.


More eBook Players Prepare for Coming Market Battle

Ars Technica writes about recent improvements to Apple’s iBooks app that will be redesigned in function and named: Books.

More jockeying as the major eBook retailers prepare for the upcoming eBook Revolution Resurgence which will show the old guard Apple, Kobo/Rakuten-Walmart and Barnes & Noble square off with Amazon for market domination.


Edge for iOS adds eBook Support

iMore reports Edge for iOS is adding eBook support and more languages to encourage people to use the Microsoft cross-platform mobile app.


Innovation the Key to Indie Author Success

Publishers Weekly writes about Indie Author and Illustrator Michelle Nelson-Schmidt’s pursuit of success.

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