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Scribd Talent Changes Focused on Growth

November 21st, 2021

GoodeReader writes about changes at eBook subscription service Scribd.

Best eNotes and Writing Tablets for 2021

November 10th, 2021

GoodeReader lists their best eNotes and writing tablets for 2021.

Lawyers Want Amazon and Big-Five Publisher Price-Fixing Suit to Move Ahead

November 4th, 2021

Publishers Weekly reports that lawyers representing a class-action eBook price-fixing lawsuit against Amazon and the Big Five Publishers believe the case should proceed.

US eBook Sales Topped $2.12 billion in 2020

October 10th, 2021

GoodeReader reports that US eBook sales topped $2.12 billion in 2020.

New Upgraded Kindle Paperwhite Coming Soon

September 21st, 2021

Techradar reports on a new “upgraded” Kindle Paperwhite making its way onto the market.

Publishers and Amazon Want to Dismiss Antitrust Lawsuit

September 10th, 2021

Publishers Weekly reports that the big five legacy Publishers and Amazon want to dismiss the antitrust lawsuit levered against them by indie booksellers.

The New PineNote E INK Tablet

August 16th, 2021

GoodeReader talks about the new PineNote E INK tablet and lists its powerful new specs.

Maryland Publishing Laws to Impact eBook Marketplace

August 14th, 2021

Publishers Weekly writes about changes to Maryland publishing law coming in 2022 that may impact the eBook marketplace.

Kindle eReader Flaw Allows Hackers To Take Control

August 6th, 2021

Gizmodo reports on a Kindle eReader flaw that could allow hackers to steal personal information.

Amazon & Publishers Attempt Delay of eBook Price-fixing Conspiracy Lawsuit

July 10th, 2021

Publishers Weekly offers an update on the impending anti-trust lawsuit against Amazon and the Big Five Publishers for an alleged eBook price-fixing conspiracy.