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Move to Make All eBooks Accessible

April 23rd, 2019

Edsurge chronicles the challenges to making all eBooks accessible. (It will be easier than with paper versions.)

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New Nook eReader Coming Soon

April 21st, 2019

GoodeReader offers a little backstory on Barnes and Noble’s place in the eBook market now that the bricks and mortar book champion has a new Nook eReader on the way.

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eBook vs Audiobook on Comprehension

March 28th, 2019

WNEP The News Station compared the experience of reading an eBook to listening to an audiobook and measured for any differences in their impact on comprehension. The results are interesting.

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Audiobook Sales Rise in UK

March 15th, 2019

GoodeReader reports on audiobook sales rising by 13% in the UK.

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The Changing Size of eReader Screens

February 12th, 2019

GoodeReader offers a backgrounder on eBook Reader screen sizes.

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Kobo Forma Reviewed

February 1st, 2019

ExpertReviews takes a long hard look at the Kobo Forma eReader and considers it a formidable rival for Kindle Oasis.

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Record Growth in School Usage of eBook and Audiobooks

January 29th, 2019

eContent reports on the record growth in eBook and audiobook usage in schools.

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Boyue Likebook Mimas and Onyx Boox Note eReaders Compared

January 28th, 2019

GoodeReader compares the Boyue Likebook Mimas with the Onyx Boox Note eBook Reader.

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Make your iPad an Ultimate eReader

January 27th, 2019

Forbes offers tips for making your iPad into an ultimate eReader.

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Loading non-Amazon eBooks on a Kindle

January 22nd, 2019

Tech Advisor tells you how to load eBooks on an Amazon Kindle eReader if you purchased them from another eBook retailer.

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