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Hachette CEO is TOTALLY UNPREPARED for Next Wave in eBook Revolution

GoodeReader reports on Hachette CEO, Arnaud Nourry’s inability to rise to the occasion. The publisher is basically saying that he’s out of ideas as the next big wave in the eBook Revolution approaches.

He must have heard that Rakuten/Kobo and Walmart will sell eBooks into the massive US marketplace, and that Apple is revamping its iBooks (now Books) to take a share of the same Amazon-dominated market.

And to meet the challenges ahead, Nourry says that eBooks are “stupid” and by extension implies that consumers of such products are too.

Maybe he should sit this one out. He’s in over his head and it’s time for round two.


$109 Kobo Aura Edition 2 eReader is a Tempting Offer

GoodeReader reports on the Kobo Aura Edition 2 eReader arriving with a $20 discount attached. This latest generation Kobo eReader can be purchased online or through select retail partners.

(Is this an opening shot in 2018’s battle for the eBook market?)


The reMarkable E Ink Tablet Reviewed

Gizmodo talks about dedicated eReader “engine” E Ink’s move into re-markable displays with the reMarkable E Ink Tablet.


Apple Plans to Storm the eBook Revolution

e-Commerce Times details Apple’s strategy to fight its way back into the eBook marketplace. It seems that wooing people away from the dominant Kindle eReading ecosystem might not be as tough as Amazon thinks.

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