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Leading E Ink Tablets for 2022 Return to School

September 19th, 2022

CNET rates the best E Ink Tablets for back to school in 2022.

Best Five eReaders of 2022

September 11th, 2022

GoodeReader lists its best five eReaders of 2022.

Feed Your eReader Indie eBooks

August 23rd, 2022

GoodeReader posted a feature on the current cost of eBooks. Click the link to read about Amazon and the legacy publishers’ drive to price digital books out of existence.

(Solution: Feed your eReader Indie eBooks that are priced to sell.)

Best eBook Stores that Aren’t Amazon

August 2nd, 2022

Alphr lists the best eBook stores to shop if you want to switch things up from Amazon.

Some Prefer Digital Books Over Physical

May 23rd, 2022

How-To-Geek prefers eReaders to physical books. Explanation at the link.

Is Apple Testing Color E INK Displays for iPhone?

May 19th, 2022

What Hi Fi? reports on a rumored color E INK Display test for a foldable iPhone.

eBooks Confront Right-Wing Censorship

May 15th, 2022

Input writes about the eBook Revolution facing down right-wing censorship.

Kindle EPUB Support Still a No-Go for Apple Books

May 5th, 2022

9to5Mac reports that Kindle will not read Apple Books despite Amazon’s shift to supporting the EPUB file format.

Tips for Reading on iPhone

April 11th, 2022

Screen Rant offers tips for keeping your iPhone screen from going dim while you’re reading.

Apple Books Compared to Kindle

April 9th, 2022

9TO5Mac compares Apple Books and Kindle.