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Amazon Credits coming from Apple eBook Price-Fixing Settlement

MacRumors reports that Amazon is sending out credits to purchase eBooks in this second round of refunds from the Apple eBook Price-Fixing Settlement. (Hard to believe the conspiracy started back in 2010.)


eReader Sales Continue to Rise in 2017

GoodeReader says eReaders (in all their E Inky Glory) are showing signs of a comeback in 2017. Signs point to Amazon waking out of its complacency after seeing its Kindle challenged by international eReading competitors Kobo Aura, Onyx and others.


Illegal eBook Site Fights Anti-Piracy Group BREIN

TorrentFreak reports on Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN’s continued efforts to force Pirate eBook sites offline. While BREIN says they have taken down over 231 illegal sites and services, some do not want to go quietly.


MAX2 PRO, Note and Canvas eReaders from Onyx Boox

GoodeReader reports on the MAX2 PRO, Note and Canvas eReaders from Onyx Boox hitting the market.


Amazon Releases First Waterproof Kindle eReader

Android Police reviews Amazon’s first waterproof eReader the Kindle Oasis with 7-inch display and compares it to its predecessors.


Indie Authors Interested in Blockchain Security

The Observer says that Blockchain technology may be a good fit for Indie authors and eBook publishing in a digital content marketplace undermined by piracy and illegal file sharing.


Microsoft Edge browser for iOS and Android

GoodeReader reports on Microsoft’s release of a beta version of its Edge browser for iOS and Android.


Marvel Comics Digitized for Madefire

The Hollywood Reporter reports on Marvel Entertainment adding its comic titles to the top-rated Madefire app.

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