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Federal Judge Rules Against the Internet Archive

The Verge reports that the Internet Archive can no longer scan and loan out eBooks. News on the court case at the link.

BookBeat eBook and Audiobook Subscription Service

Book Riot talks about the BookBeat eBook and audiobook subscription service.

Sharing your Kindle Library

Dignited posted a how-to on sharing your Kindle eBooks with family members and friends.

Onyx Boox Tab Ultra Reviewed

Digital Trends reviews the (Android and E INK) Onyx Boox Tab Ultra.

Publishers Move to Crush the Internet Archive

Legacy publishers are fighting it out with the Internet Archive as the court drama intensifies around the true meaning of a citizen’s right to “library access” versus the profit-driven corporate desire to control literature and art .

Amazon Kindle Oasis Passes Best-by Date ponders the shelf life of the Amazon Kindle Oasis.

Mebook M6 eReader with Android 11 Reviewed

GoodeReader talks about the Mebook M6 eReader with Android 11.

Ontario Libraries Seek Province-wide System to Ensure Access

According to a CP24 story, libraries in Ontario, Canada, want a province-wide digital library system to ensure equal access to books. (Again, the effects of legacy publishers price-gouging …)

Project Gutenberg Internet and Literary Legacy

Book Riot offers a history lesson on Project Gutenberg, starting at the public domain eBook archive’s humble beginning in 1971.

Amazon to Stop Supporting Digital and Print Newspapers and Magazines

How-To Geek reports that Amazon will stop support to digital and print newspapers and magazines.