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The Early Days of Digital Books

GoodeReader offers a history lesson on eBooks with a focus on their early development.

Oukitel Tablet Beats iPad Pro?

ZDNET crows about the $180 Oukitel  tablet with Android.


New Horror from Indie Author G. Wells Taylor! WELCOME TO THE ZONE BETWEEN THE DOUBLE-HYBRID CRAZY caused total madness on a global scale. Its toxic effects drove the population to extreme acts of violence and destruction that destroyed everything—except the Double-Hybrid. The infection still haunts the ravaged landscape despite a decade passing since survivors first …

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Top Tablets for 2023

TechSpot lists its picks for best tablets of 2023.

Android Tablets in the Top Ten

Android Headlines lists its top ten BEST Android Tablets.

The Near Future of eReaders in 2023

GoodeReader describes the near future for eBook Readers in 2023.

Can iFlytek Voicebook Deliver like other eBook and Audiobook Readers?

GoodeReader marks the launch of the iFlytek Voicebook and tries to determine the eBook-and-audiobook reader’s placement among the ranks of market leaders.

Best eReaders, Tablets, and eNotes to Gift this Holiday Season

Gizmodo lists the best eReaders, Tablets, and eNotes to wrap as gifts this Holiday Season.

Best eReading Tablets of 2022

Book Riot lists its choices for the best eReading Tablets of 2022.

Sesamy Startup Plans to Reopen the Internet

An article at TechCrunch talks about the Acast and Sesamy founders’ plan to “open” the Internet, and give an option to tethered ecosystems.