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iPad Mini 7 Release Overdue

Mashable reports on the latest iPad mini 7 release rumors.

Galaxy Tab S9 FE Tablet Reviewed

9TO5Google reviews the Galaxy Tab S9 FE tablet.

Blackview Tab 18 Android Tablet with MediaTek Helio G99 Processor

Notebookcheck highlights the Blackview Tab 18 Android Tablet powered by the MediaTek Helio G99 processor.

Apple Misleads Regarding Tech Launch

MacRumors issues a report on Apple’s recent press release and rumored tech launches.

New iPad, iPad Mini and iPad Pro Tablets Coming Soon

Cult of Mac reports that Apple fans should prepare for the new iPad, iPad Mini and iPad Pro tablets that are coming soon.

The Best Tablets for 2023

Pocket-lint lists its best tablets for 2023.


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The Best Note-taking Tablets for 2023

Pocket-lint lists the best note-taking tablets for 2023.

The Early Days of Digital Books

GoodeReader offers a history lesson on eBooks with a focus on their early development.

Oukitel Tablet Beats iPad Pro?

ZDNET crows about the $180 OukitelĀ  tablet with Android.