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Sesamy Startup Plans to Reopen the Internet

An article at TechCrunch talks about the Acast and Sesamy founders’ plan to “open” the Internet, and give an option to tethered ecosystems.

2022 Amazon Kindle eBook Reader Reviewed

TechRadar reviews the (2022) Amazon Kindle eBook Reader.

Amazon Finally Updates eBook Return Policy to Support Authors

The Verge talks about Amazon finally changing its eBook return policy after long ignoring embattled authors’ pleas.

The New Kindle Paperwhite is Just Right

Find out why TechRadar calls the new Amazon Paperwhite eBook Reader the “Goldilocks” Kindle.

2021 eBook Sales in US Totaled $17.5-billion

GoodeReader reports that 2021 eBook sales in the US totaled $17.5-billion.

Best eBook Stores that Aren’t Amazon

Alphr lists the best eBook stores to shop if you want to switch things up from Amazon.

Deep Dive Into the Kindle Oasis eBook Reader

MakeUseOf offers tips on getting the most out of your Kindle Oasis eBook Reader.

The Full Color Boox Nova Air C eReader Reviewed

Android Police reviews the full-color Boox Nova Air C eReader.

The Best in Library Apps for 2022

Fossbytes lists the six best library Apps for Android and iOS.

Dracula of the Apes Trilogy Book One FREE

FREE ~ Book1: THE URN ~ FREE The Urn is Available for FREE at: Amazon, Google Play, Apple Books Barnes & Noble, Kobo Dracula of the Apes picks up where Bram Stoker’s Dracula left off and Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan of the Apes began. Dracula’s Gypsy servant Horvat has the special duty of preserving his …

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