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Amazon to Stop Supporting Digital and Print Newspapers and Magazines

How-To Geek reports that Amazon will stop support to digital and print newspapers and magazines.

Loading Third-party eBooks on Your Mac

Make Use Of gives instructions for loading third-party eBooks into Apple Books on a Mac computer.

Amazon Sets June 2023 Date to Stop Kindle eBook Sales in China

GoodeReader reports that Amazon has set a June 2023 date to stop selling Kindle eBooks in China.

Amazon’s 11th Generation Kindle Reviewed

Firstpost talks about Amazon’s eBook Reading history with its review of the 11th Generation Kindle.

Xiaomi Duokan Pro II eReader Launches Outside China

NotebookCheck reports that the Xiaomi Duokan Pro II eReader is launching outside of China.

Onyx Boox Tab Ultra Reviewed

Android Police reviews the Onyx Boox Tab Ultra eReader and eNote-taker and likes everything but the price.

Kindle eReader and Kindle Apps Compared compares the Kindle eReader and Kindle Apps.

Huawei MatePad Paper Update Enhances eReader and eNote Skills

Gizmochina reports that the new Huawei MatePad Paper update includes enhanced eReader and eNote-taking functions.

The eBook Reader App for Android and iOS writes about its eBook Reader App for Android and iOS. Specs and download instructions at the link.

Your Roald Dahl eBook Copies are Being Censored in Updates

GoodeReader reports that publishers of the Roald Dahl eBooks are automatically updating and replacing previously purchased Dahl eBooks with the controversial “censored” versions.