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Kindle Scribe eNote-Taking and eBook-Reading Device Reviewed

Kate Mendonca at Yahoo Style reviews the new eBook-Reading and eNote-Taking Kindle Scribe.

GoodeReader Bigme Galy Color E INK eNote Available on Kickstarter

GoodeReader announces the arrival of its Bigme Galy color E INK eNote at Kickstarter.

How Print and Digital Publishing Impact Environment

The Oxford University Press compares the impact that print and digital publishing have on the environment, and the initial evidence suggests the future is eBook.

Amazon Kindle Scribe and ReMarkable 2 Tablets Compared

Pocket-Lint compares the Amazon Kindle Scribe and ReMarkable 2 tablets.

Onyx Boox Leaf2, Nova5, Note X2, and Tab10 E Ink Devices Launch

GoodeReader reports on Onyx Boox’s launch of its new line of E INK devices. Check out the new Nova5, Note X2, Leaf2, and Tab10, and a detailed breakdown of each at the link.

Digital E INK License Plates Legal for California Cars

An NPR report says digital E INK license plates are now legal to use on California cars. (Can’t wait to see the James Bond hack!)

The Supernote A5 X Tablet Reviewed

ZDNET reviews the Supernote A5 X tablet with E Ink Display.

Kobo Clara 2E eReader Reviewed

Techgoondu reviews the Kobo Clara 2E eReader.

Leading E Ink Tablets for 2022 Return to School

CNET rates the best E Ink Tablets for back to school in 2022.

Best Five eReaders of 2022

GoodeReader lists its best five eReaders of 2022.