This didn’t take long…eReader for iPhone comparison…

…and it couldn’t come too soon. This all reminds me of the early days of digital photography and web design when there were multiple image file formats fighting it out for dominance.

Windows Bitmaps versus GIF’s and TIFFS and little ole’ JPG’s brawling it out in the back alleys of the Internet Highway. While we know the market finally put all of these formats into their proper places, we know who came out on top, dominating both display and printed imaging.

So here is the competition as it applies to iPhones. A comparison of eReader Apps is a must-read over at cnet news. Read the article here.

You know the publishers are blowing a bundle prepping and organizing their backlists in the various formats. They use that necessary redundancy as an excuse, one of the reasons at least for the high prices they’re charging for eBooks. Let’s see if the price drops as the format field narrows. Yah, right!

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