Love at First Sight…

But love, like the price of this beauty, can be a bitch. Brother’s SV-100B Bluetooth document viewer will catch your eye and capture your heart.


Unfortunately at just under $1,500 it’s a better fit for pre-recession economies…even for corporate clientele. But it’s just so damned beautiful!

Read the article featuring specs here, and view the rest of its lovely angles here.

The SV-100B is Bluetooth equipped, with an over 9″ e-ink display and frankly it’s calling my name. They’re saying it’s aimed at business, but we’ll see. This thing would look fantastic on the coffee table.

The SV-100B is the kind of thinking we’re waiting for, yah? Just a pure, unadulterated futuristic, multi-purpose e-Doc reading machine. It’s beautiful. It’s fantastic.

Now if they can knock $1,200 or so off the price I’ll buy.

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