Simba Says: Read eBooks!

Simba Information a publishing and media market research firm (take a breath) has released some figures that say 8% of the adult U.S. population has purchased an eBook in the past 12 months and 15% read one. (The 7% discrepancy must have visited Project Gutenberg or another of the growing number of Free eBook Outlets.)

I find those numbers promising and a little startling. Startling, because it shows an interest in adoption, promising because it shows a willingness to adapt. Those polled could not represent a living breathing population of eBook Reader owners, so the interest to read eBooks has driven these individuals to adapt iPhones, hand-helds and desktops to the task.

You can check out the article at AjaxWorld Magazine here. A very positive sign, yah?

p.s. I’m sorry for being catty again but this statement jumped out at me. I’m adding it because I don’t want you thinking I think it’s news or profound or in any way deserving of the consultation fees these firms usually charge: “Norris [Michael Norris Senior Analyst, Trade Group] said the e-book market, in spite of recent advances, still has a lot of growing up to do and should be “cautiously” pursued as long as that pursuit does not undermine the value proposition of a publisher’s content, interfere with other initiatives to encourage engaged reading, or provide too much power to one e-book retailer.”  Well, duh!

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