eBook 101 – For New Recruits

Okay, I don’t want those in the know to be offended, but there is a HUGE and CURIOUS group of people out there searching the Internet with a lot of questions. (The mainstream?) And they’re coming to eBook Rumors for answers. (The smart ones anyway…yah?)

It is still so very early in the technology. Word travels far and fast these days, but everyone is so busy it takes time to absorb the news. Those of us who have been in for a while rooting around for information might easily forget that the vast majority of web surfers are just starting to ask the question, “eBook, what’s an eBook?” And others still: “What in the hell would I do with one of those?”

The people at Pocket-lint.com have been kind enough to run over the basics here. For the early adopters, forgive the recap, for new members to the eBook Revolution, welcome.

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