Ok. It’s Cool, but old news can’t be New News, can it?

Here’s Random House re-introducing a tried and true technology to the ongoing evolution of the eBook Revolution, and calling it their own ‘enhancement.’  There’s a story about them adding special features to eBook DVD’s. Read it here in the National Post.

I say it’s old news because authors have been using the Internet for this very purpose for well over a decade, enhancing their work with downloadable photos, video biographies, illustrations and animations. (I wonder whether the DVD movie ‘extra features’ wasn’t a similarly re-branded concept.) I’m okay with it, I mean let’s embrace the tech. My only fear is they’ll use it to justify the high prices they’re stubbornly fixated on.

And enterprising authors have been developing these add-on’s, selling their wares and concepts since the dial-up modem. (Remember Flash Intro’s…) Good work Random House, but I’d rather you share the kudos with the pioneering authors out there on the Information Highway. I get a bit defensive when the big corporations try to repackage ideas that authors and creators have developed and paid for with blood, sweat and tears, yah? I know some of these guys and dolls…

p.s. An interesting note is the mention of the number of people who have been reading eBooks on their computers. Suddenly I’m hearing from all kinds of people admitting that they read on their desktop or laptops and have for years. I guess it wasn’t cool before. Welcome aboard!

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