Readius in Doubt?

eBook Rumors mentioned Readius – the first Pocket eReader from Polymer Vision back in January. Read that and view the demo here. Apparently I was lonely back in the dead of winter. It appears I had matrimonial feelings for the little eReader with rollaway view screen. SO cool, yah?

That might explain why the story about Readius’ potential death brings a tear to this blogger’s eye. Apparently the developer is having trouble getting financial backing to launch this beautiful piece of technology. Read the story at PC Pro:News here. They say they’ve got everything in place to build, market and sell this sweetheart, but the economic environment has investors slow to sign on.

Please! PLEASE do not let the Readius die. Otherwise, we’ll have to put up with these two self-declared front-runners of the race. Sony and Amazon have certainly created eReaders that are leading in PRICE, both coming to your home at close to $400! (They may be leading in sales, but they can hardly claim supremacy in design and function in a marketplace barely out of diapers…) Apparently, the early count is suggesting the final battle might come down to Sony’s Reader versus Amazon’s Kindle. Read that story here. I think that’s premature, and the article must be written by someone who owns Amazon stock. Just look around the net and you’ll see there are plenty of devices developing in this evolving market. Jesus! The eBook Revolution has barely begun and this Melissa J. Perenson from PC World is almost declaring a winner. She’s certainly inferring it’s a two horse race. (Read that article though…she’s got an excellent side by side comparison of these devices.)

Hang on Readius… we need you now more than ever!

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