Rumbling from the Apple Orchard has the Amazon trembling.

Click here to read this story at about Apple’s rumored iPhone Lite release this summer. We’ve all heard the whispers about Apple gearing up to enter the eBook market. There has been talk of an Apple Tablet or “Mediapad” as described in the article, and now this, a thinner, stripped down iPhone with a screen just slightly smaller than Kindle’s. Amazon’s acting like its heard the same rumors, with its knee-jerk purchase of Stanza. (Stanza wasn’t even a competitor…)

Or maybe they’ve read the story here at PCWorld that’s outright dubbed the Apple iPhone “Mediapad” a KINDLE-KILLER!

When a GIANT like APPLE, with a winning track record in handheld devices, steps into the eBook Device market, the Internet will tremble, yah?

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