Wattpad: Free eBooks for your Digital Library

For your weekend reading pleasure Wattpad.com offers eBooks to Mobile users. They’ve got a really interesting and large selection of free eBooks formatted for your favorite device. Not just the old public domain stuff either. (Ever read Moby Dick on a cell phone?) Writers and publishers are using it to show off their wares, and users can add their two cents if they’ve got a hankering. Really kind of cool, yah?

Wattpad says they are “all about reading and sharing ebooks. You can read what you like and share what you write, because the material on Wattpad are uploaded by community members like you. You can upload whatever you want to share – a story, an essay or a joke, and then read it wherever you are even on your mobile phone. Can’t find something? You can request it from other Wattpad members.”

Check it out!

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