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I thought I’d add this item to my conspiracy theory of yesterday, where I intimated questionable integrity on the part of the New York Times’ coverage of the Kindle phenomena.

Here we have a well-written article in  Wednesday’s (May 27/09) online edition of the New York Times called: “Don’t Quit that Kindle Just Yet” by David Pogue that starts as a fair and detailed appraisal of the up and coming $250 Cool-er e-book reader by British company Interead. Read it here.  Honestly, it’s an excellent article and gives the complete lowdown on this new device, clearly designed with the common reader’s budget in mind.

Now, to draw your attention to the fact that the New York Times has a content deal with Kindle, it isn’t surprising when this article begins to focus on the Cool-er’s deficits or, the very qualities that make it affordable.

I wish I could read that article and not wonder if the NewYork Times had an ulterior motive for publishing it, yah?

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