Anderson and Gladwell justify themselves…

Are these guys stoking the fires of their own celebrity by overcomplicating this? Read more of the Anderson vs. Gladwell debate about paying for content here at

We’ve been saying it over and over here at eBook Rumors. People only want free content and free access if the alternative is paying unjustifiable ‘real world’ prices in a ‘virtual’ marketplace. ‘Real world’ business models must be adapted to suit a new digital environment. Digital products are vastly cheaper to produce, store, ship and maintain. A sixth grader would understand that the plummeting costs to produce a product should be reflected in a similar drop in price to the consumer.

But the status quo keeps trying to graft the old business model on the new form because they want to maintain their old world profit model. That’s what it’s all about. Nothing more. How can the old world take over the new digital world without registering a drop in this quarter’s profits. Oh, and don’t forget, they want to turn those old ‘costs’ into profit. (Charge for printing a book you’ll never print, but apply the printing charges so that they come out the other end as profit, yah?)

The solution is simple: Charge a fair price and people will pay it. Period.

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