$249 Ditto eBook Reader has Arrived

Coming out of the blocks looking a lot like front-runner Amazon’s Kindle 2, the ‘wired’ eBook reader DITTO has leapt into the race with a crowd pleasing price of $249. Read the story at Publisher’s Weekly here. (Ditto = Digital Interface Total Text Organizer… glad they went with Ditto…)

It’s clear that Kindle 2’s solid $359 price tag is a proclammation that Amazon is only interested in nursing an expensive ‘hard-cover’ mindset among the economic north side of mainstream adopters leaving a $110 gap that Ditto sounds quite capable of filling.

The Ditto is priced for a wider mainstream eager to join the eBook Revolution. Similar to the affordable Cool-ER, the Ditto has a 6” inch black & white e-ink screen, reads text and PDF as well as the universal epub format, plays MP3 sound files and boasts a long battery life. On top of that it’s SD card slot expandable up to 2GB of storage will allow you to load a full library of works through its USB connection.

Now, imagine when Ditto or Cool-er opens up the market with a $99 version, yah?

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