Simon & Shuster & the VOOK.

We talked about the Vook before. Well, it’s back. Simon & Schuster has started an online video book (VOOK) service available in formats for iPhone and Web browsers.

Okay, to recap from an article at, vooks “blend text and video into ‘a seamless reading experience to advance the plot and enhance the sense of place.'” You’ll have to read the rest to understand this thing. I tried to ‘get’ it until I read the following statement by Ellie Hirschhorn, vice president and chief digital officer at Simon & Schuster: “Vook is a game-changing model for reading in the age of digital multimedia, the first viable combination of text and video that is user-friendly and that addresses today’s multitasking audience and how it absorbs information and entertainment.”


I kind of get it, but in all honesty it sounds very much like a movie or a video, but with parts that haven’t been filmed yet. What’s the matter with good old-fashioned eBooks, yah?

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