January 19 Launch for the Apple Tablet?

I’ll have to start my work day earlier if I want to beat Jorgen to the punch. Thanks for the link!

Here we’ve got a story at The Telegraph where more specifics are given on Apple’s elusive eBook Reading beast. The article quotes Jeremy Horowitz, editor-in-chief of the Apple rumor site iLounge quoting a ‘”reliable” unnamed source’ that said Apple had built three versions of its Mac Tablet, with the first 7-inch screen being rejected for the latest version’s 10.7-inch screen.

The quote within a quote within a quote has to be taken with a grain of salt and reminds me of Shakespeare class. But I’ve got a feeling we’ll soon see if there’s any truth to all this intrigue, or if the Apple Tablet has no more substance than King Hamlet’s Ghost.


iLounge is offering a list of TEN NEW DETAILS on the Apple Tablet. Check them out HERE!

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