Pack up your eBooks in your Old Kit Bag and…

Hard to avoid being nostalgic about soldiers these days with so many military actions going on around the world. By now most of us know someone who has been over somewhere doing something to protect the free-speech and thought that is slowly migrating across the digital divide.

A link from Jorgen discloses a rather interesting phenomena. It turns out that soldiers are putting eBook Readers high on their Xmas wish-lists. A story at says that the limited space in backpacks for old-fashioned books plus the added weight they represent, make eBook Readers and the large weightless digital collections they carry an easy adoption for soldiers on the move.

Makes sense that these high-tech devices would be a hit with people who are fast becoming the most tech-savvy among us. That fact married to the often tedious waiting periods associated with many months of deployment  overseas make eBooks and eBook Readers a practical fashion accessory for every soldier with boots on the ground.

eBOOKS BOOST MORALE! Is there anything they can’t do?

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