Hanlin eReader V3 from Jinke

Hanlin eReader V3

Hanlin eReader V3

Say hello to the Hanlin eReader V3 with Vizplex. (Vizplex is the latest generation of E Ink’s microencapsulated ink imaging film. More on that here.)   

The Hanlin eReader uses a 6 inch e-ink display, has familiar lines, function buttons and retails for $299.

Seems to me that the Hanlin designers have tricked out a nice piece of tech with multilanguage support that is just born to read. Larger image here.

It’s marketed as a low power handheld device designed specifically for reading, boasting indoor and outdoor variability.  They claim you can go a month between battery recharges. (Based on an average of 300 pages per day.)  More details about that here. Anybody know if that’s true out there?

The Hanlin eReader runs on a Linux OS and supports the following formats:  PDF, DOC, WOLF, MP3, HTML, TXT, CHM, FB2, Djvu, PNG, TIF, GIF, BMP, JPG, PPT, EPUB, LIT, PRC, MOBI.

It comes equipped with 32 MB onboard storage, making the SD card slot for optional 4GB memory extension a must. It’s USB ready and the Jinke company that makes it says nothing about selling you eBooks. I like that. Just give us an omnivorous machine we can feed our favorite eBooks to, yah? When eReader designers stay out of the bookstore business it means there’ll be no conflict of interest in eBook pricing or supply.

While it’s still too expensive for my liking (but you know this, yah?) the Hanlin eReader V3 is one of the first machines I’ve seen that’s built to read what you want.

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