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Okay. I always intended this site to be for people who are curious about eBooks and might be interested in reading or writing or selling them. I didn’t want to get too technical, (if you haven’t noticed) since I’ve always been more comfortable using machines than taking them apart. And I frankly never cared much about what goes on inside them.

E Ink Corporation

E Ink Corporation

I assumed that the tech-minded and mechanically inclined would be out there ripping these machines to pieces and comparing them on the molecular level. They are much better qualified for the job than I.

Then, the theory goes, these technicians and explorers would stumble on eBook Rumors read my attempts to scratch the surface of an intricate and mind-blowing new technology and then feel compelled to tell me how wrong I am. Slowly but surely, it’s starting to happen.

eBook Rumors was always going to be a place to discuss this new technology. A stock taker and witness for the eBook Revolution that’s underway, I wanted eBook Rumors to be the voice and ears of the common person. For those who are interested in eBooks and eReaders, but don’t want to know much more about them than price, availability and basic operations.

If exposing ignorance and partial knowledge can expedite the process of educating all about the eBook Revolution, I believe my readers will be quick to acknowledge that I am the person ideally suited for the job. Yah!

I want people to talk shop here, please do. Just don’t expect me to understand everything you’re saying. (Unless you speak real slow…)

Now that I’ve said that, I’m going to direct you to homebase for the whole e-ink thing. I’ve seen this stuff in action, and it’s truly remarkable. The screens look exactly like the printed page. You even need illumination to read it. Here’s the link to the E Ink Corporation. Any of you computer guys or gals have a look and want to explain things, you better before I take a crack at it.

You see, I’ve always believed that technology is one of the things standing in the way of the eBook’s adoption. People know how to read books already and they face plenty of learning curves at the office. People are concerned that eBooks will complicate and grossly overprice a rather sublime and fairly inexpensive passtime: reading books. I hope we can clear that up at eBook Rumors.

I’ll go back to my mantra. Cheap eReaders. Cheap eBooks. Make them easy to use.

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